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Connected!: How #Platforms of Today Will Become Apps of Tomorrow
by Manish Grover
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The most important question for our businesses today is: How will we stay relevant? It is absolutely critical to stay ahead of competitive trends, think of the approaches we want to adopt, and begin implementing them NOW, so we don’t have to struggle to play catch up. The promise of the future is that the world will be connected. But it won't be just about developing platforms. In fact the platforms we are building today will be inadequate to drive customer engagement and commerce of the future. Why is that? It's simply because our customers are human, and connected. In fact, the focused and specific platforms of today will become components of much larger platforms. These larger interconnected platforms will logically arise as a result of collaboration between innovators and their individual platforms. They will connect with each other to complement their own capabilities, and probably also try to compete with one another. The big difference will be in how the logical platforms allow creation of context and value. As the world changes, we need to create a place in the new order of our customers’ minds. The frameworks in this book will allow you to do exactly that. These include extending customer personas and customers to beyond our own channels and products, creating a 3-Tier loyalty model, engaging customers in context of an ecosystem, and integrating not only all of our own value propositions, but also those of other companies across industries. Finally this book contains 3 important mechanisms for executing successfully on the promise of a connected world. Connected! How #platforms of today will become apps of tomorrow and how to #connect and create an exceptional #CX in the new world order































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